The Happiness Diet is based on Dr. Sharp's revolutionary new theory known as the primacy of positivity, which in turn is based on the exciting new science of positive psychology.

This argues that rather than waiting until you succeed to feel's far more effective to feel good first and turbo-charge your chances of achieving your goals.

And this is a massive problem at the heart of most diets. Most approaches to weight loss are very

negative, punitive and quite insulting! Accordingly, they're not very motivating because many people feel depressed and helpless when they're labelled as being lazy or ill disciplined!

With this in mind, Dr. Sharp and The Happiness Institute have developed this new approach, The Happiness Diet.


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The Happiness Institute was established by Dr. Timothy Sharp in 2003, after his success in clinical psychology.

Dr Sharp shifted his focus to positive psychology, aiming to build a national network of qualified and caring professionals.

With a focus on practical applications of positive psychology, The Happiness Institute has developed a number of proven and effective programs and a range of powerful products and resources.

We assist our clients to make positive lifestyle changes through the application of proven and extensively researched techniques, skills and strategies.

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Dr. Sharp has three degrees in psychology and an impressive record as an academic, clinician and coach. He established one of Sydney's most respected clinical psychology practices, a highly regarded Executive Coaching & Consulting practice, and founded
The Happiness Institute.

Dr Sharp taught at all the major universities in NSW and is currently an Adjunct Professor at UTS and RMIT. His primary areas of interest include applications of positive psychology to weight loss as well as enhancing happiness at work.

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